Dipping a butter madeleine in tea, was enough to trigger in Proust an emotion that brought him back to his childhood and to give rise to the entire cycle “In Search of Lost Time”.

Milk&Friends was born to evoke the same sensations, to give joy and comfort through smells that recall flavors and moments.

The desire to create a home fragrances brand that is inspired by the world of milk and stimulates happy memories came in 2015.
The emotions that take you back in time are at the basis of the creation of Milk&Friends, a brand that combines the sensorial aspect and hypoallergenic products for the love and wellbeing of even the little ones.


Nostalgic and sentimental foods that create a sense of pleasure

The milk theme contributes to the brand’s name, Milk, to which the word Friends is added to expand the concept of milk to that of comfort food.

The packaging is inspired by milk bottles of the past, modernised by a careful design operation.
The colors refer to the white of the milk and the chromatic tones of the jams and biscuits.


Milk&Friends’ fragrances are diffused in the air through fiber sticks that gradually absorb and diffuse the fragrance without the need to be flipped, to avoid getting your hands dirty.


To reduce the risk of reactions, cosmetic companies have come up with products with formulas labeled "hypoallergenic."

But what does the term hypoallergenic mean?
It means that a product is designed to minimize the risk of causing allergic reactions.
In general, these products are designed to be gentler and free of certain irritants.