Apricot Dunk

Bread, butter and apricot jam ... dunked in warm milk!

How to use

It's as easy as this: open your bottle by unscrewing the cap and removing the safety seal.
The reposition the cap and dive the reeds in there!
Place the bottle a maximum of 150cm above the ground. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or near heat sources, as intense heat will accelerate evaporation, making the fragrance less effective, as well as reducing its duration. For the same reasons, avoid exposing it to drafts or air conditioners. Milk&Friends special sticks are designed to minimize the number of times they need to be flipped as the fragrance is automatically absorbed and diffused.

Fragrance notes

∙ bread
∙ butter
∙ jam


Milk & Friends gives joy and comfort

The calm, the mouth watering feeling, the warmth of toasted bread:
Milk&Friends offers fragrances that pervade the senses of pleasure and comfort